KSK Pertroleum | Kazakhstan

Our Services

Explore our comprehensive energy services, from oil refining to exploration.

Oil Refining

Experience the art of transformation as we turn raw crude oil into premium, environmentally responsible petroleum products. Our cutting-edge refining process ensures efficiency, quality, and sustainability at every step.


Unlocking the Earth’s hidden treasures is our expertise. We explore, discover, and harness valuable energy resources with unwavering commitment, driving progress and a brighter tomorrow.

Gas Production

At KSK Petroleum, we’re more than just a source of energy; we’re creators of possibilities. Our gas production delivers clean and efficient solutions, energizing industries and communities, while reducing environmental impact.

Petrol Production

Our dedication to excellence results in the production of high-grade petroleum products that power industries and transportation systems worldwide. With KSK Petroleum, reliability and quality are our promise.

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