KSK Pertroleum | Kazakhstan

Tank Storage

Optimal Storage Solutions, discover our state-of-the-art tank storage facilities, designed for safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

KSK Petroleum operates a tank storage facility in Kazakhstan through a leasing agreement with a leading storage tank operator in the region. Our tank farms, both above ground and underground, provide efficient storage solutions for oil and gas products. These facilities serve as a crucial link in the supply chain, ensuring safe storage until the products are dispatched to end-users or transferred to other storage facilities. In addition to managing our own tank farm gasoline terminal, we also provide management services for bulk fuel terminals on behalf of independent clients

At KSK Petroleum, we operate a worldwide network of strategically located terminals, prioritizing safety and sustainability. Our commitment is to provide clients with secure, efficient, and hygienic handling and storage solutions for bulk liquid products and gases.

We maintain ongoing collaborations with expert businesses that rely on terminal facilities to complement their core operations. In some cases, our clients leverage our specialized expertise and experience in managing bulk storage terminals to enhance their operational efficiency and safety.

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